Electronic Book Services

Publish Your eBook on Kindle and Nook

eBooks are cost-effective and incredibly popular.  Maple Creek Media can help you reach the ever-increasing number of readers who prefer to download their books to a Kindle with these artisanal publishing services:

Complete and Expert Formatting. We’ll take your raw manuscript, clean it up, format it and then convert it to the files required for Amazon’s Kindle.


Registered ISBN. The ISBN is specific to your eBook and will be inserted into your manuscript allowing it to be ordered around the world.


Custom Designed eBook Cover. We’ll take your cover ideas and suggestions and create an eye-catching cover to go along with your formatted eBook.


Worldwide Sales and Distribution. We’ll fully prepare your eBook as a Kindle file and sell it through Amazon.com, manufacturers of the best-selling digital eReaders on the market.


Top Royalties. We’ll pay you a royalty on the sale price of every eBook sold. Our royalty rate is one of the highest in the industry at 75%!


Support From a Real Human Being. We’ll work with you through the entire process and answer all your questions with open, honest feedback. We’re available 24/7 via email and 9-5 EST via phone.


One-Week Turnaround.  Your eBook will be completed and available for sale through Amazon within 7 business days.


Print Book Option.  If the sales of your eBook exceeds 1,000 copies within any one-month period, we’ll extend a complimentary no-cost publishing agreement to you to publish your book in paperback through Maple Creek Media.


Electronic Book Pricing

eBooks without images:         $599

eBooks with images:               $699

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