Non-Fiction Books

(listed alphabetically by title)



101 Incredible Moments in Tennis

Written by Joshua Shifrin



A Faithful Soldier Writes Home

Written by Elizabeth Plume Fuss



Change is on the Wind: Managing Change for a New Landscape

Written by Cheryl P. Duvall, Illustrated by Caroline Devereaux



Cherries Jubilee

Written by Bonnie R. Hull



Chip and Stall

Written by Donna Koehler



Dangerous Hands: Shake the Handshake!

Written by Gayle Westmoreland



Diatoms: Unnoticed Living Jewels in Water

Written by Dean W. Blinn & Sandra L. Blinn, Illustrated by Stephanie Strong



Discovering the Treasure Within

Written by R. Carroll Travis



Don't Call it a Budget

Written by CapitalWise

Flies Off The Wall

Written by Daniel A. Felicetti Ph.D.



Matter With Electromagnetic Resonance

Written by Tim Waterman



Missing Pine Park

Written by Neil R. Beller, Jr.



My Dog the Liar: The Story of a Special Dog

Written by Richard O. Price II



Organized Plunder

Written by Aklog Birara



Seasoned With Rhymes and a Pinch of Thyme

Written by Bonnie R. Hull



Stinkin Thinkin: How to Change It - What Every Christian Should Know

Written by Sarah Calhoun, Debbie McEvoy & Jennifer Radocci



The Blessings of Being an Everyday Grandmother

Written by Trudy Jo Han Snader



The Descendants of Joseph P. and Anna Rerucha

Written by Mary Ann Gehle



The Journey of Bobby Wilson

Written by George Dorr



They See and Know Everything

Written by Mary Lou Woyick

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