Children's Books

(listed alphabetically by title)

Child of the Great Depression

Written and Illustrated by Barbara E. Mauzy for

The National Depression Glass Association

Cruisin' While Snoozin'

Written by Bonnie R. Hull

Illustrated by Chuck O'Day

Eddie's Birthday Party

Written by Ruth Colson & Jim Curtis

Illustrated by Josh Bonin

Goofball the Golf Ball

Written by Laura J. Golaboff & Daniel T. Golaboff

Illustrated by Laura J. Golaboff

Grandma and Eddie

Written by R. Colson & J. Curtis

Grandma Evelyn's Absurd ABC Atlas

Written by Evelyn Wolph Kruger

Illustrated by Christopher Saghy

Growing Smarter

Written by Judith V. T. Wilson

Illustrated by Christopher Saghy

Little Leona Of Monsters and Fire

Written by Jae Sherwood

Illustrated by Robert Charles Moore

Needy: The Story of a Big White Bear

Written by Marcelene Verfaillie

Pennies From Heaven

Written by Bonnie R. Hull

Polly the Polled Hereford

Written by Trudy Jo Hahn Snader

Illustrated by Stanley F. Gilmore, Jr.

Shipwrecked to Shore

Written by Bonnie R. Hull

The Blessings of Being an Everyday Grandmother

Written by Trudy Jo Hahn Snader

Where Are the Ponies?

Written by Bonnie R. Hull

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