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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Write a Deeply Personal Book

Written by Perri Chastulik for Maple Creek Media

 It is said that when an author writes a book, they bear their soul. This may sound intimidating, especially when the topic is deeply personal. Don’t let that stop you, future autobiographical authors! The risk is worth the rewards. Online publishing services like ours make it easier than ever to tell your story.


Life is full of twists and turns. Along the way, you are bound to have an experience so extraordinary you have to tell someone about it. The story could painful, magical, funny, or a mix of all three. If you believe it is worth sharing, don’t be shy. Telling the world about what you’ve experienced is cathartic. It provides both the author and the reader with an enriching experience.


If you let fear stand in the way, the world will be robbed of a wonderful story. Sean McManus says readers enjoy autobiographical works because they are “inspiring, uplifting, and educational.” (McManus, “7 Top Tips for Self-Publishing Your Autobiography”). He also provides some tips on how to write a successful personal story.


In order to make money from their work, authors have to be commercially minded. Focus on one specific, engaging area of your life. Perhaps you took a fantastic trip to a far-away land or met the love of your life during a war. That is the kind of story people will pay to read.


Be sure to market your book through press releases, launch parties, etc. Plan how you want your work to be distributed ahead of time. Use a distribution intermediary like Maple Creek Media to ensure your personal tale is as successful as possible.


Despite the saying, people do judge books by their covers. Make sure your work looks professional and has an attractive layout. Get an editor to look it over and check for any errors. Even small mistakes will hinder success (McManus, “7 Top Tips for Self-Publishing Your Autobiography”). Keep these things in mind and your personal story could become a best-seller.


Forrest Fenn wrote The Thrill of the Chase, “an episodic memoir self-published by a white-haired retiree in Santa Fe” (Duokopil, “If You’re Hunting for Forrest Fenn’s Buried Treasures, Start Here”). It contains clues to a treasure chest he hid somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe. Readers are foaming at the mouth for the chance to get their hands on this treasure map. Copies on Amazon range from $45-118.05 (Duokopil, “If You’re Hunting for Forrest Fenn’s Buried Treasures, Start Here”).


Fenn’s success proves that personal works can sell well. It is not just the promise of wealth that makes it a success. His personality shines through and engages viewers. You don’t need to bury a treasure to become a successful autobiographical author. You just need an interesting, well-written story.


Maple Creek Media and its partner Old Line Publishing have some wonderful autobiographical works for sale. A few of them are featured below. Click the links to go to the website and get your own copy.

Tell Them You Fell by Norman Alastor Greenhawk


This book is a poignant tale of Norman Greenhawk’s experiences with child abuse, molestation, and domestic violence. He once told people his bruises came from falling down. Now, he uses this book to share his story, hoping to educate people about the lingering effects of child abuse. Click the title above to learn more.

My Dog the Liar: The Story of a Special Dog by Richard O. Price II


This book tells of the love between a man and his dog, a love that lasted nearly 15 years. It is the story of their lives together and is filled the memories they shared together. It shows that animals do become members of the family. Click the title above to learn more.

OBGYN Confessions: Intimate Stories From a Woman’s Doctor by David Shifrin


This e-book details Dr. Shifrin’s 35-year career as an OBGYN. It contains a small portion of the experiences he shared with hundreds of patients. Click the title above to learn more.


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