The Value of Social Media

The numbers surrounding social media are undeniable: roughly 1.23 billion monthly active users on Facebook and 231.7 million on Twitter share infinite bits of information (cont...)

The Value of Book Reviews

Book reviews serve a number of purposes. First, they often aid in answering potential readers’ questions: What’s this book about? Would I be interested in that subject? (cont...)

The Value of Book Websites

Fifty years ago, authors would rely on their publisher to promote and market their books. That’s not the case today. Contemporary authors who have a strong (cont...)

The Value of Book Awards

Book awards possess a slight edge over book reviews, which can range from top field professionals’ analyses to casual, peer-based conversations. That edge? (cont...)

The Value of Book Trailers

The motto is, “They’re not just for movies anymore.” We’re talking about video book trailers. There’s a ton of statistics to show that video book trailers are increasing (cont...)

Telling Your Story: Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Write a Deeply Personal Book


As an author, the idea of "bearing your soul" by writing a book may sound scary. Still, the benefits outweigh the costs. Self-publishing services like Maple Creek Media make it easier than ever to publish your own personal story. (Continue...)

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