There's no reason to hesitate...the world is anxiously awaiting your new book. Nearly all authors have an immediate audience for their book. It might simply be just family and friends, but then again, it might extend beyond that to associates and coworkers, or even beyond that to niche markets that are interested in your book topic or genre. For the inspired and purpose-driven author, there are simply no limits to the potential of your book.


As a rapidly growing online publisher of both print books and eBooks, Maple Creek Media focuses solely on you, the author, by providing unpredecented customer service. In doing this, we work with you to create a book that meets all your expectations. We know your book is your craft, your art...we know it's a part of who you are! Understanding that helps us provide high quality artisanal publishing services to authors and businesses. We are focused on creating, marketing, distributing and retailing high quality books and eBooks and providing professional services such as manuscript review and marketing and editorial services.


Maple Creek Media produces high quality publications and offers competitive artisanal publishing services to both new and established authors while incorporating digital print-on-demand technology for all their titles. Maple Creek Media works one-on-one with every author to create a top quality print book, eBook, website or other publishable material. Let us help you!

Recent Releases

Change is on the Wind: Managing Change for a New Landscape

Written by Cheryl P. Duvall

Illustrated by Caroline Devereaux

Hardcover w/Jacket - $19.95 USD here for more details

My Dog the Liar: The Story of a Special Dog

Written by Richard O. Price II

Trade Paperback - $16.95 USD here for more details

Dreams of Mother

Written by Tina Ryon Tippett

Trade Paperback - $12.95 USD here for more details

The Keepers

Written by Allison Wilcox

Trade Paperback - $22.95 USD here for more details

Trip of Choices

The Broken Road Series (Book 4)

Written by Michelle B. Smith

Trade Paperback - $29.95 USD here for more details

Murder Beach

Written by Evelyn Wolph Kruger

Trade Paperback - $15.95 USD here for more details

Coming Soon

From These Earthly Parts

Written by Peggy Rose Whiteneck

Trade Paperback - $19.95 USD here for more details

Collectible Sugars & Creamers: An Identification Guide to American Glassware, Volume Two, Fenton - Heisey

Written by Shelly Yergensen

Trade Paperback - $29.95 USD here for more details

A Naturalistic Introduction to Philosophy

Written by Amir Salehi PhD

Paperback Textbook here for more details

Taken and Afraid

Written by Ronson Duncan

Trade Paperback here for more details

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