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Custom Self-Publishing and Print-on-Demand Services for Writers

Self-published authors turn to Maple Creek Media for high quality artisanal design and production of print books, eBooks, audiobooks, websites, and other publishable material.


Partner with Maple Creek Media for these important benefits:


  • Full creative control.  Every book cover and interior is custom made to your specifications. You have the final say on how your book will look, feel, and be presented to the reader.
  • Full rights. Our publishing agreements are non-exclusive. You are free to take and use your book however and wherever you like.
  • No long term contracts or yearly fees. Sign one simple agreement and we’ll have your book published in about 8-12 weeks. We charge no yearly fees and guarantee your satisfaction.
  • Higher royalties. You’ll earn up to 50% for all direct retail sales, 25% for all wholesale sales, and 75% for all eBook and audiobook sales. That’s significantly higher than traditional publishing royalties of 5-15%.
  • Tri-annual royalty payments. Every four months you’ll receive a detailed sales report and a check for royalties owed (for your convenience, accumulated royalties are held until the payout is $25 or more).
  • Worldwide distribution. Your completed book will be offered for sale around the world through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram's, Ingram's International, Follett Library Resources, Kindle, and other venues.
  • Substantial author discounts. You’ll receive a 55% discount on the purchase of your own paperback books and a 45% discount on your own hardcover books.
  • Annual book updates. You are welcome to update your book once a year. We’ll evaluate your request and provide you with the lowest quote possible.
  • Unlimited phone and email support.  We’re your partners, so feel free to reach out to us as often as you like. Our regular office hours are Monday – Friday, 9 am to 5 pm ET. Emails are usually answered immediately, but always within 24 hours.

Recent Releases

Growing Smarter

By Judy Wilson

Fiction - Children's/Discovery

Hardcover (Laminate) - $18.95 USD here for more details

Connecting Our Southern Maryland Roots Volume 1

By Wanda Gay Simmons

Non-Fiction - Reference - Family Genealogy

Hardcover (Laminate) - $65.95 here for more details

The Talking Parking Space

By S. Z. Kalish

Fiction - Drama/Romance

Trade Paperback - $17.95 USD here for more details

Little Leona Of Monsters and Fire

By Jae Sherwood

Fiction - Children/Fantasy

Trade Hardback - $18.95 USD here for more details

Coming Soon

Connecting Our Southern Maryland Roots Volume 2

By Wanda Gay Simmons

Non-Fiction - Reference - Family Genealogy

Hardcover (Laminate) - $65.95 here for more details

An Ill Wind

By Evelyn Wolph Kruger

Fiction - Mystery/Suspense

Trade Paperback here for more details


By Rachel Old

Fiction - Young Adult/Contemporary

Trade Paperback - $12.95 USD here for more details

210 Days: The Making of an Infantry Battalion Commander in Vietnam

By James P. Petersen

Non-Fiction - Historical/Military

Trade Paperback here for more details

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